How to remove the main Tab View at the center

The demo projects contained in the installer all show a main Tab View in the center of the Main container. This is the specific feature of a DockMainContainerControl control, that reproduces how applications using docking panels are commonly organized, including Microsoft Visual Studio (r).

The DockMainContainerControl however is just an helper class with little implementation aimed at exactly reproducing that particular behavior.

Code Example:

DockMainContainerControl mc = new DockMainContainerControl();

DockControl dc = new DockControl();

For some applications though this might not be needed or useful at all. In this case it is possible to bypass the additional functionality by simply ignoring the DockMainContainerControl class and using instead its parent class, DockContainerControl, which doesn't assume any default layout.

Note that using the base class DockContainerControl does not prohibit the usage of Tab Views or Tab Documents in the layout which is abstracted from any particular control type by interface usage. For more information in this regard, see the Layout Engine Tutorial.